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This fabulous therapy can help the brain to let go of old pain messages that it no longer needs.  We know that our brain sends us pain messages to protect us, but there are times when the pain stays even after we’re completely healed.  This means that any new pain has to come in at a much higher level for us to even notice and register it (and that’s no fun!).

Steven Blake developed the Brain Bargaining methodology to help people to negotiate with their internal defence mechanism and persuade it that these messages are no longer needed.  As the process does NOT numb the the area it’s always safer to remove the OLD pain than it is to stay in it.

Please check out the OldPain2Go website for more information and then contact Kate to book your session.

If you have Fibromyalgia, ME or CFS please read the relevant pages on the OldPain2Go site before booking your session.



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