More grief lessons

Creating memories, musicals and grief

I love musicals and so did Mum. We’ve spent years going to seem them together and we even started letting Dad come along again after the infamous Les Mis experience! For the last 10 years or so we have always booked shows to go and see rather than giving presents. Mum and Dad had everything that they needed and far more fun was to spend the time together making memories. We’d go to a few things every year usually at The Derngate in Northampton, The Curve in Leicester or or at Kilworth House outdoor theatre. All great venues to see shows and create those memories. I used to go and see shows quite often and Mum would always ask who’d been in them, but I rarely knew. I go because I like them and they usually make me feel good

The musical that Mum really wanted to see was Strictly Ballroom, she loved the film and after it was on in Manchester some years ago she kept hoping for a tour.

Finally, a tour was announced. I remember seeing it in the Culture magazine in the The Times and ringing to let her know that it was touring and would be playing at The Derngate in Northampton. Hurrah!!!! Let’s go we said.

And then, the pandemic struck and everything was off. Like many we initially thought it would be over in a few months and so when we saw tickets on sale for October 2020 we booked for the three of us at the Wednesday matinee. Something to look forwards to.

Well you can guess what happened can’t you? It got delayed, and delayed.

Even whilst Mum was in hospital in her last few weeks we talked about going to see Strictly Ballroom in 2023

And now it’s almost here, Our tickets are for 1 March, but Mum isn’t here to go with us. I feel emotional thinking about it. On the one hand I’m looking forwards to seeing the show, but on the other Mum won’t be sat with us watching it. Dad and I are going and my sister is coming with us. I did tell her not long after Mum died that she’s have to come with us, as I couldn’t face the thought of it just being the two of us and an empty seat. I’m driving over to pick up Dad and my sister, so I think that I’ll go and see Mum before we leave for the theatre and let her know that ‘today’s the day’ and then later I can let her know what it was like (fabulous I’m sure). I’m sure she’ll be there watching with me.

The thought of going to see Strictly Ballroom has been in the back of mind for weeks as the date has drawn closer and closer. It’s one of those ‘firsts’ that people talk about having to go through when someone dies. It’s just that then next few weeks will have a lot of those ‘firsts’ as it’s my birthday next week as well as my sister’s, Mother’s Day and my nephew’s birthday. All ‘firsts’ without Mum 💜


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