Hi, my name is Kate Wilson and I retrained as a fitness instructor almost 10 years ago, having spent my previous working life as an administrator and project manager.  As I moved into the world of fitness I trained in as many different areas as I could, but now find myself specialising in the 40+ age range as well as dealing with more specialist populations such as cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab, stroke patients, weight loss and of course Pilates.

I am a qualified IEMT practitioner, hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner, so please contact me to book a treatment. Hypnotherapy is used to help people stop-smoking, lose weight, reduce anxiety and boost confidence.  So if any of these are areas you want to work on contact me to discuss your options.

My qualifications include;

IEMT – Integrated Eye Movement Therapy.

Hypnotherapy and Master NLP practitioner- Neuro Linguist Programming a fascinating subject which uses language to bring about change.

Level 4 Physical Activity & Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain, Level 4 Physical Activity & Weight Management for Obese and Diabetic Clients and Level 3 GP Referral.

Level 3 Pilates and specialist modules to help with the following areas;  Cancervive (Breast cancer) workshop, Pilates & the Older Adult, Pilates & Pregnancy, Neuro Pilates, Pilates & Back Care, Progressive Matwork 1 & 2, Diagnostic 1 – Posture & Shoulder Stability & Diagnostic 2 – Pelvis & Lower Limb.

Diamond Pilates for individuals looking improve their pelvic health and well-being.

Barre Pilates to provide a challenging but fun variation carried out in standing.

Level 4 Diamond Pilates for individuals looking improve their pelvic health and well-being.Cardiac Rehab Instructor, Level 4 BLF Active Pulmonary Instructor, Level 4 Stroke training, Zumba Gold, Exercise to Music, Aqua, Level 2 Myofascial release using the GRiD, Purestretch, Chair Based Exercise and Level 3 Ante & Post Natal exercise.

Burrell Education – Women of the 3rd Age to aid a smoother transition through the peri-menopause and menopause.

Burrell Education – Optimal health after hysterectomy to help women prepare for and recover from surgery.

I am fully insured and also have a First Aid at Work qualification.

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