Hi, I’m Kate and I’m here to act as your guide to feeling better inside and out. I retrained as a fitness instructor over 18 years ago, having spent my previous working life as an administrator and project manager.  As I moved into the world of fitness I trained in as many different areas as I could, but now find myself specialising in the 40+ age range as well as dealing with more specialist populations such as cardiac rehab, pulmonary rehab, stroke patients, weight loss and of course Pilates.

Since my early 40’s I’ve become more interested in women’s health and wellbeing as we enter perimenopause and beyond. This all started from the selfish perspective that I was that woman! I’ve also become a great believer that a whole body approach is required for good health. We can’t focus on a single aspect and hope that’s going to sort everything out for us!

The great thing for my clients is that it means I can bring a variety of tools our of my purple toolbox to help them with the changes they are looking to make. Many of my learnings are the result of issues that I or people I know have had and I want to help. So check out my class information here or for help with stress, anxiety, weight management and of course menopause then checkout http://www.katewilson.uk

And remember drink more water and that you’re fabulous 💜

In case like me you like to take a look at what qualifications people have done, here’s a few of mine;

IEMT – Integrated Eye Movement Therapy.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Master NLP practitioner- Neuro Linguist Programming a fascinating subject which uses language to bring about change.

Burrell Education – Women of the 3rd Age to aid a smoother transition through the peri-menopause and menopause.

Optimal health after hysterectomy to help women prepare for and recover from surgery.

Level 3 Pilates and specialist modules to help with the following areas;  Cancervive (Breast cancer) workshop, Pilates & the Older Adult, Pilates & Pregnancy, Neuro Pilates, Pilates & Back Care, Progressive Matwork 1 & 2, Diagnostic 1 – Posture & Shoulder Stability & Diagnostic 2 – Pelvis & Lower Limb.

Diamond Pilates for individuals looking improve their pelvic health and well-being.

Level 4 Qualifications; Physical Activity & Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain, Physical Activity & Weight Management for Obese and Diabetic Clients, Cardiac Rehab Instructor, BLF Active Pulmonary Instructor, Stroke training

Level 3 GP Referral

Barre Pilates to provide a challenging but fun variation carried out in standing.

Tai Chi for wellbeing

Chair Based Exercise and Level 3 Ante & Post Natal exercise.

I am fully insured and also have a First Aid at Work qualification.

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